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AC-24 audio converter

L/R audio to S/PDIF Converter with audio delay

Download:    Datasheet AC-24


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Product Description

The AC-24 Stereo to S/PDIF Converter with Adjustable Audio Delay features adjustable audio delays mainly for video and audio synchronization. Typical applications include HDTV lip-sync delay and home theater rear-channel effects etc.



  • Stereo to S/PDIF digital audio conversion
  • 24-bit ADC conversion
  • Delay up to 170 ms/ch at 48KHz sampling rate
  • Automatically detects sample rates up to 192kHz
  • Adjustable audio delay using rotary switcher
  • Easy to install



Technical Specifications

Role of Use: Stereo to S/PDIF Audio Converter
Output Displays: 1x RCA & 1x Toslink
S/PDIF Support: Stereo
Sample Frequency Support: Up to 192KHz
Input: 1x L/R RCA

Dimensions (LxWxH): Desktop – 95x115x25mm
Weight: 1.0lbs
Power Supply: 5V-2A DC
Power consumption: 7 Watts Max
Operation temperature: 0-40 C
Relative humidity: 20-90% RH