ST-751-753 Tx
ST-751 RxDiagram ST-751

ST-751 hdmi extender

Tx & Rx HDMI Extender HDBaseT over Cat. with RS-232 / PoC / Bi-Directional IR

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Product Description

The ST-751 HDMI Extender over Single Cat.X with HDBaseT, RS-232, Bi-directional IR & PoC boosts up your video/audio transmission distance up to 100m (330ft) in HDTV 1080p with 48-bit color depth. ST-751 also supports the most advanced 3D video format complaint with HDMI specification and therefore guarantees the highest 3D video compatibility on the market. With only one cost effective Cat.5/5e/6 cable, users can readily extend HDTV sources from DVD players, Blu-ray Disc player, PS3, PC, and any other kinds of sources compliant with TMDS to distant display monitors including HDMI or DVI enabled TV sets or LCD PC monitors. With the advanced design for the latest HDMI technology, deep color video, DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD audio, and HDCP supports and compatibility are all further insured. This flexibility makes HDCP compliant DVD players or PS3 transmit utmost high quality video and audio with a greater distance at the minimal cost, when integrating several components apart. In addition, ST-751 Series is also equipped with bi-directional IR pass-through path and RS-232 serial port control. These bonus features allow users to boost IR control distance up to 100m (330 ft) and makes IR control possible through only single Cat.5/5e/6 cable including HDMI signals. In addition, serial port offers the convenient path for interactive application, such as touch panels. In addition, ST-751 Series supports PoC (Power over Cable) which can power both units from TX or RX with power supply. The ST-751 Series includes two units: transmitting unit TX and receiving unit RX.




  • Support HDMI Deep Color & full 3D & [email protected] (HDBaseT technology)
  • Extend the transmission up to 100m (330ft) from the HDMI source at Full HD 1080p 48-bit and 80m (265ft) at [email protected]
  • Support PoC(Power over Cable) which can power both units from TX or RX side with power supply
  • HDCP & EDID Bypass
  • CEC support
  • Auto equalization
  • Pure unaltered uncompressed 7.1ch digital HDMI over Cat.5/5e/6 cable transmission
  • DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD high bit rate audio support
  • Support full frequency IR signal from 20KHz to 60KHz
  • Bi-directional IR path-through
  • Full Duplex RS-232 control up to 115,200 bps through connector
  • Wall mounting housing design for easy and robust installation


Technical Specifications

Role of Use: Extender Tx & Rx
Input: 1x HDMI + 1x 3.5mm [Tx] & 1x RJ-45 (HDBaseT) + 1x 3.5mm [Rx]
Video Bandwidth: Single-link 340MHz [10.2 Gbps]
Video Support: 480i / 480p / 720p / 1080i / [email protected]
Output: 1x RJ-45 + 1x 3.5mm [Tx] & 1x HDMI + 1x 3.5mm [Rx]

Dimensions (LxWxH): 127x80x26mm (each Tx & Rx)
Weight: 1.6 lbs (each Tx & Rx)
Power Supply: 24V 1A DC (each)
Power consumption: 3 Watts Max TX & 7 Watts Max RX
Operation temperature: 0-40 C
Relative humidity: 20-90% RH