SP-104SP-102Diagram Spliters VGA

SP-102 / SP-104 / SP-108 vga splitters

1×2 / 1×4 / 1×8 VGA Distribution Amplifiers

Download:     Datasheet SP-102 & SP-104 & SP-108


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Product Description

Our Splitters SP-102 (1×2 VGA) / SP-104 (1×4 VGA) / SP-108(1×8 VGA) are designed to work as a duplicator and an amplifier at the same time for VGA, component, or composite video applications. Our units does not only takes one video input from a VGA source and immediately directs it to two VGA monitors or projectors, but also boosts and extends the signal up to 65m (210ft) without noticeable signal loss or picture degradation.



  • No software required
  • Transmission distance up to 65m (210ft)
  • Video bandwidth up to 400MHz
  • Daisy-chain multiple units together for even more outputs


Technical Specifications

Role of Use: Splitter – Distribution Amplifier
Supported Input & Output: VGA
Video Bandwidth: 400MHz
Video Support: WUXGA [[email protected]] & UXGA [[email protected]] or even higher
Transmission: UXGA – 65mts (210ft)

Dimensions (LxWxH): sp-102 [205x40x60mm] & sp-104 [206x61x33mm] & sp-108 [206x61x33mm]
Weight: 1.1lbs [all models]
Power Supply: 5V-2A DC
Power consumption: 5 Watts Max
Operation temperature: 0-40 C
Relative humidity: 20-90% RH