VS-005. Front
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VS-005 component to hdmi

Component & Audio to HDMI Video Scaler

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Product Description

 The VS-005 Component & audio to HDMI Scaler Converter provides a cost effective way to convert Component signal to HDMI compliant format. VS-005 supports the S/PDIF audio thru RCA into HDMI output. With this extra feature, users can combine asynchronous video and audio sources into the state-of-art HDMI compliant A/V signal for having high standard A/V experiences.



  • IR remote control
  • Remote control via Mini-USB
  • OSD control interface
  • Maximum pixel rate : 165MHz
  • 525i, 625i, 525P, 625P, 720P, 1080i and many other HDTV formats are supported
  • S/PDIF input supported
  • Deinterlacer supported
  • Supports nosie reduction and video enhancement features
  • Over / Under scanning adjustable
  • Video H/V mirror supported
  • Active video area adjustment supported
  • USB firmware upgradable for expanding compatibility
  • Wall-mount housing design for easy installation


Technical Specifications

Role of Use: Component to HDMI Scaler
Output Displays: 1x HDMI
Input Format: YPbPr/S-PDIF/XLR
Audio Support: S/PDIF 48 KHz FS Sample Rate
Bandwidth: 74.25MHz Input – 165MHz Output
Video Support: 525i/625i/525P/720p/1080i and others HDTV formats
Input: 1x YPbPr + 1x S-PDIF + 1x XLR

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1RU – 92x83x30mm
Weight: 1.0lbs
Power Supply: 5V-2A DC
Power consumption: 5 Watts Max
Operation temperature: 0-40 C
Relative humidity: 20-90% RH